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On May 12, 2014 . Updated: March 12, 2017

Summary is an extremely competent and professional option for getting more Facebook likes, Instagram Likes, and Instagram Followers. They offer fantastic customer service, high-quality, real Facebook likes, and custom targeting. They are among the leaders in the competitive social media marketing industry. has a great overall reputation with regards to customer service, high quality, real Facebook Likes, and custom targeting. They are among the market leaders in the Facebook marketing industry.

What social media marketing services do they offer? focuses on getting you more Facebook likes. In addition, they offer high-quality Instagram likes for sale as well as an option where you can buy Instagram Followers

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In our testing, worked well for us. They answered a couple of pre-sale questions that we had in less than an hour. The order was placed and we sent them an email with our targeting information as instructed and we received notice that our marketing had been started. In a little over a day, the test page we had set up started to grow and the order was complete about 2 days later. Spot checks of random likes revealed mostly US, with some UK, Canadian, and Australian likes as requested. All in all, we were very happy with the results. Weeks after the order, our like total has not dipped at all. Note that since this review was initially written, Social Shark has switched to Bitcoin. After the initial learning curve of understanding what a Bitcoin wallet is, figuring out payments is super easy and the process works very smoothly.

What's best about

Quality Likes

They deliver real, quality likes that stay on the page and even interact with posts.

Great Support

In a bit of a rarity, they were equally as responsive with pre-sale questions as they were with providing support for us after the order had ended. They don't offer phone support standard as far as we can tell, but that doesn't appear to matter all that much in this case.

Accurate Targeting

In our experience, the targeting was spot on to the countries and market categories we requested. We got the right demographic we were looking for and the locations were authentic.

What's To Dislike About

Honestly, nothing major so far. One thing they could do to further improve is add phone support, which doesn't appear to be listed anywhere on their site. But they do offer live chat service as well as a contact form

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Customer Feedback

Pleased with service I wasn't expecting this to actually work, but a friend recommended it and I decided to throw in about $20 and see if it worked. It actually did get me my likes within a couple of days. I ordered just 100 to test it out but ended up getting almost 200. That's a pretty decent bargain in my book. Francisco from Florida

Best one I've tried I've tried a couple of these likes services before and was always let down. Either they delivered absolutely nothing, or they delivered low quality likes from Asia or the Middle East. On this site's suggestion I tried and was pleased with targeting, customer service, and the speed of delivery. I would definitely try them again. Nathaniel B. from South Carolina

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They are one of the best sites to add onto your short list of reputable Facebook likes providers. They have a credible brand image, a good reputation, and provide great overall service with responsive customer support to large and small businesses alike.

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