The Truth About Cheap Facebook Likes

Super cheap Facebook likes are a bad idea

If you are interested in buying Facebook likes, you've probably come across some offers where you can get thousands of likes for like $12. Here is why they're bullshit.

The Truth About Cheap Facebook Likes

Low Quality Likes

There are quite a few services out there that provide thousands or even tens of thousands of Facebook likes on your page just for a few dollars. Just based on the price, it might be tempting to use one of these services to boost your Facebook like count. In this situation, it pays to keep in mind the old saying "You get what you pay for."

Fake foreign likes

If a company claims to be able to offer you tens of thousands of Facebook fans for just a few dollars, you're certain to be getting thousands of low quality, fake likes from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Romania, and more. Many of the companies that offer these firesale rates do not provide legitimate Facebook marketing services, but use techniques such as using automated bots to like your page, or even clickjacking or likejacking peoples' Facebook accounts.

Fan Retention

If you're just looking for large numbers, does it really matter if you receive fake likes? The answer is yes. Either the fake accounts or clickjacked accounts unlike your page, or the bots are deleted or blocked and you'll end up losing the likes that you have gained. It can be very frustrating to lose thousands of likes that you've gained. It makes your page look bad, and is a waste of money.

Quality is worth paying for

The higher quality services generally use different, quality techniques to get you likes. They send out invites or messages to people and do real invitational marketing to get you more real fans. They get you likes that are relevant geographically and to the market category that you're in. In general, the top 10 social media services are recommended far more than any of the hundreds of other, cheap Facebook likes provides.

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