Is Buying Likes Right For You?

Should you even be buying Facebook likes for your business?

There's a lot of conflicting information about buying Facebook Likes and Fans online. Is it right for you? Should anybody be buying likes? This article attempts to answer these and other questions.

The Truth About Buying Likes

Who is right?

Obviously, many Facebook likes companies want you to purchase Facebook likes from them. Conversely, there are many "social media experts" that caution people against ever buying Facebook likes. What's the truth? The answer, like with most of life, is somewhere in the middle. There are times when buying likes for your page can dramatically impact conversion rates and the level of respect that you garner from your targeted audience. But it's also not a magic pill that you can swallow and immediately find tons of online success. It's a strategy that you can use - nothing more and nothing less.

Should you be buying likes?

It's one thing to recognize that sometimes, in certain situations, buying likes can benefit a page. Whether or not you should buy likes for your own page is another question entirely. Certainly, startups and brand new companies that are starting out with just a handful of likes can take a giant leap forward with more likes. But if your page already has hundreds of thousands of likes, you may be better off focusing on creating content and organic growth rather than anything else.

Each Situation is Different

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to social media. No one bit of advice can work for all businesses in all situations. The best thing you can do is do your research, test out different services, measure the results, and make the best decisions based on your own individual circumstances. Above all else, you should regularly be posting great new content on your social media pages.

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