How To Setup A Facebook Page

How to get initially started on Your Way With Your Facebook Page

How do you you get started on Facebook? How do you set up your Facebook page and what are some of the essentialls that you almost always need to do. We will get you the answers for these questions in this article.

How To Setup A Facebook Page

1) Signup for Facebook

Most people already have a Facebook account. That's a big part of the reason why Facebook has the most momentum among all kinds of businesses, both big and small. If you somehow do not already have a Facebook account, you should sign up.

Create a Facebook Page

2) Choose Your Business Type

Once you're ready, go ahead and create your Facebook page.

The first big decision you'll have to make is to choose the right category that your Facebook page belongs to. Are you a local business, an artist or public figure, a company, an entertainment entity, a brand or product, or some kind of cause? This classification is not easy, but think it through and you can figure out the right one.

3) Add Your Profile Picture

After you are finished classifying your page, one of the most important things on Facebook is your Profile picture. People see that all over Facebook, on your page or when you comment on your page, so choose something cool.

4) Fill in Your Basic About Information

A lot of small businesses wrongly assume that everybody who visits their page already knows about them and don't put much effort into describing themselves on their post. This is a bad assumption. Many visitors who check out your page won't know a lot about you. Make sure you describe things like what your page is all about, what kind of markets you're serving, and other applicable general information.

5) Start Adding Content

You don't need to add every conceivable bit of content on the first day, but you should not leave your Facebook page blank. If somebody visits your page and sees no content or sees that you're not maintaining your page, they're not going to take your page seriously.

6) Add a Cover Photo

Cover photos are one of the best ways you have of sharing yourself with the world. They let you express some creativity and emotion that you can share with your fans. It's worth spending some time designing a beautiful Facebook cover that will impress people. If you don't have design skills and don't want to spend extra money on a designer, there are of great free tools online for designing your own Facebook cover. If you're stuck looking for ideas, there's some great inspiration that's available if you Google for it.

Inspirational Facebook Timeline Covers

7) Start Sharing Your Page with Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family are some of your biggest assets. You shouldn't annoy people or beg, but asking some close friends and family to like and share your page can give you a bit of a jumpstart.

7) Start Posting Content Regularly

You don't want to annoy people by posting 120 posts a day, but you do want to create a steady stream of brand new content so that people visiting your page will often see something brand new that might entice them to Like, Share, or Comment.

8) Don't forget to link to your Facebook page.

Do you have a website? Post your Facebook page there? Add a Facebook Like button there. Do you have a Twitter Account? Don't hesitate to let people on there know? Similarly update all

9) Make sure your contact information on your page is up to date

Does your business have a phone number, email address, or contact form? Make sure you list how to get in touch with you on your Facebook page. You never know when somebody will need to get in touch with you and this is a step that many small businesses forget to do.

10) Try Out Different Marketing Options

Asking your friends and family to like your page is a good start, and of course posting interesting content regularly is what every social media page should be doing, but to get real growth you need to do some advertising. Experiment with all of the weapons at your disposal. Use Facebook ads, buy likes, use search or display ads and run some tests to see how that works for you. The more data you can collect about how that works out for you, the more you'll know about how to grow your page moving forward.

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