How To Get More Likes On Facebook

A list of great ways to get more likes on Facebook

Now that you have your Facebook page setup, what are some good ways to get more likes on Facebook? Advertising helps, obviously, but there are multiple ways to get more fans on your page.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

1) Great Content Works

People like to follow Facebook pages because they get some value from it. Either they're entertained or informed or get some other great satisfaction from it. If your fanpage is filled with content that is self-promotional rather than something that provides value to people, then you really ought to recognize this fact and make your content better.

2) Hold Some Kind of Contest

Many pages have held some kind of contest to get a lot more interaction and interest on their page. If the prize is compelling enough, people will go out of their way to interact with your page. This might lead to a rapid inflation of raw numbers, but not necessarily as much long term engagement unless you provide content that people want to stick around for.

3) Host a local networking event

Rather than going for raw numbers, go directly for social media thought leaders and influencers. For the price of some office space you might not be using after work hours anyway, as well as some pizza and soda, you might be able to put together a little networking event or meetup group or something else that gets you attention and noteriety from your local thought leaders. A few tweets or Facebook mentions from real influencers can be tremendously valuable in building up your numbers. There are many ways to target local businesses, but this may be one of the better ways to reach out directly to influential community members.

4) Awesome Ways to Increase Engagement

Sometimes, getting into a creative state of mind and coming up with good ideas isn't easy. Luckily, we're here to help you out. There are numerous potential ways to help increase engagement on your Facebook page. These tactics can help increase your likes, get you more shares, and increase the number of comments your page receives. This can also help boost your EdgeRank score on Facebook as well. When all of these are combined together in a skillful way, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. This will have a long-term, lasting benefit to your social media efforts.

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