Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks

Great Ideas to get your Facebook page

There's a lot of conflicting information about buying Facebook Likes and Fans online. Is it right for you? Should anybody be buying likes? This article attempts to answer these and other questions.

Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

A picture says a thousand words.

Starting with the very first cave paintings, people have always used pictures to communicate. Pictures are very effective on social media because they quickly communicate ideas. Facebook gives you many opportunities to post pictures, from your profile picture, to your Timeline cover image, to pictures in status updates and content that you post. You need to take advantage of this with high quality pictures. Social media has encouraged people to seek instant gratification, so pictures are a perfect fit for this mentality.

Videos are even better

When it comes to reaching a mass audience, few things are better than videos on social media. Many people would rather wait 30 seconds for a short video to play through rather than reading a couple short paragraphs.

Make Sure To Post Regularly

People have a limited attention span. They'll forget that you exist if you go for some time without posting unless they are really big fans of yours. And visitors to your page will not be impressed if they don't see recent content posted on your page. Posting quality content is super-important, but it's also important to post with some consistency for most types of pages.

But Do Not Post Too Often

Make sure you're not annoying people by posting people too often. Some small businesses are very enthusiastic about finally getting on Facebook and want to grow their page as fast as possible so they start posting almost any thought that comes into their head. That's a mistake. It's extremely difficult to come up with many great posts per day, so if you're posting too much you know it is going to be garbage. The other problem is that it can be very annoying for them to see you monopolizing their News Feed. Post Often, but not much. Just like Goldilocks, make sure it's just right.

Contests Can Be Very Exciting

Contests can be a fun and exciting way to grow your Facebook page. If the prize is right, people will enthusiastically tell their friends about it. There are many great ways to grow your Facebook page, but contests can be among the most effective strategies that you have available to you.

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