The Right Time To Buy Likes

When is the best time to buy Facebook likes for your page?

We have established that there are benefits to buying Facebook likes for your page, but there are certain times that is better than other times. If you have decided to buy likes, then you should consider a few of these ideas here.

Starting Up A Page Is Hard

In The Beginning

Doing all of the things necesary to set up a Facebook page isn't easy. Not only do you have to setup the page, and figure out how to post, and create all of the content, but you also have to figure out how to get people to visit your page. You can certainly try out Facebook ads, and cross promote your page on your website and all of that, but buying likes then is a great way to give your page a major jumpstart right out of the gate that will give you a shortcut to respectability.

Critical Time Periods

Certain times of the year are more critical for your business than others. If you own a retail outlet that depends on a lot of Holiday season sales for example, you might want to plan ahead and start working on building up your page before that. If you own a travel related business that depends on the summer months for instance, it pays to focus on the time period just before

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