Make Your Page More Fun

People want to hang out on fun Facebook pages. If your page is bland and boring, it won't be nearly as effective.

All social media users want instant gratification. Facebook encourages the creation and promotion of short content with pictures and videos that quickly entertain before the user moves on to the next thing in their Newsfeed. Twitter is arguably built entirely around that principle with its 140 character limit. You need to sit down and take a really hard look at your page right now. Don't look at it from your own perspective and view it as a parent looking at their own child and brush any and all flaws under the rug. Answer these questions right now: Does your Facebook page display your sense of humor? Will a visitor check out your Facebook page and giggle at any point? Is there any emotional reaction whatsoever to any of the content? Is your page actually fun? The sad answer to that is that no, it likely isn't.

Wouldn't You Personally Rather Hang Out On A More Vibrant Page?

How You Can Make Posts More Fun

For starters, speaking with an authentic human voice rather than bland corporate writing that looks like a PR Lawyer wrote is worth it and a good start. People have more respect for celebrities on Twitter who actually post their own Tweets and make the occasional mistake rather than the boring mega-star that has a social media team that never makes a mistake. Also, you should ask yourself what kind of content you'd like to see if you were following it. Putting yourself in another person's shoes and displaying some sense of empathy is what would really benefit most brands, but something that they rarely do because everybody is only in it for themselves. Lastly, while you shouldn't cross the line and rely purely on gimmicks, some of the following ideas might spark an idea for an action or activity that might benefit you.

  • Hold weird contests (for example: the best photo of you using our product with a banana on your head gets a free accessory)
  • Ask Funny Hypothetical Questions - (in general, asking questions is a great social strategy to use)
  • Post unusual pictures or videos (DollarShaveClub had a super viral success story by investing in just one weird video)
  • Ask for inspiration. Ask people what the next 10 or 20 years holds for the future of your industry. (gain a reputation as a forward thinker, get free market research, and have fun speculating all at the same time)
  • Sex Sells (tasteful flirty or suggestive pictures rather than pure objectification of hot models can be fun)
  • Randomly make posts pretending you're a pirate. Act out a skit where you pretend that the zombie apocalypse is happening in your office. Mess around a bit at times and have fun. (At worst, you'll just waste a bit of time once in a while. At best, you might inspire a lot of activity and increase your Edgerank)
  • Tell people that you're the worst brand out there and ask for the best criticism they can muster. (displaying the ability to take some heat can really impress people and be fun at the same time)
  • Tell your best story. If you're a restaurant, you surely want to tell the tale of that one time where your Uncle Jim tried to grab one of the lobsters from your fish tank and got bit. If you're a small dairy farm, you should tell the story of how the bad weather prevented the vet from arriving and you had to stay up all night assisting with the birth of a baby cow. Every business has one weird story like this to tell. (this can be a lot of fun)
  • Create Art (ask your employees to draw or paint a picture of a customer using your product. this is one endeavor where it's even better if they can't draw and have to rely on crayons or stick figures and fingerpaint)
  • Foursquare popularized the concept of Mayors, right? Make a random active fan mayor of your page for a week and give her the power to guide some of your social media posts. Give her some great insider access to your company and ask her what content she wants to see and make it happen. (you'll create a memorable experience and will have a loyal brand ambassador for life)

Bland Brands

Many brands are hesitant to speak with an authentic voice in this manner because they're nervous as hell about offending 1 person and making a PR blunder. Sometimes bad reviews or a negative social media campaign can ruin a business, so you definitely don't want to raise the ire of the Internet. Also, they're also scared to death about leaving any potential sales on the table. The reality is that you can't be all things to all people, and if you try doing so your message just becomes a bland soup full of empty platitudes and non-offensive corporate speak that people gloss over. You also aren't going to manage to sell your products to everybody. Tailoring your message to the customers that you actually want and have a great chance of attracting is a much wiser strategy. A company that sells fishing gear isn't going to get many non-fishermen to buy their stuff, so why focus on anything other than a hardcore fishing message? Your worst enemy should be not creating a strong emotional reaction from your posts.

Fun Is Contagious

A fun page is much more likely to inspire more engagement, not to mention the creation of genuine fans and brand advocates who really enjoy your content and are far more likely to actually go out of their way to promote you online. You shouldn't go out of your way to offend anybody obviously, but being genuine and even making an occasional mistake or two is worth it if you can speak from the heart and actually inspire people to check out your posts the instant that they see them on their Newsfeed. Not only does being creative benefit your business by increasing the level of engagement, but it also gives you much needed motivation to post. If you're having fun working on your Facebook page and getting great results and continuously seeing more growth, you'll be much more motivated to come up with new ideas because you're actually having fun.

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