Is Your Social Media Hitting Any High Notes?

Are you content with just good enough, or do you really want to impact people on social media?

In constructively evaluating the content on and performance of your Facebook page, one important question that you should be asking yourself is the following: "Is My Social Media Hitting Any High Notes?". No, this isn't a musical question about your ability to break a wine glass as a Soprano, it's about your page creating any truly memorable, viral, valuable, inspiration, or amazing posts that people are genuinely excited about. Are you reaching the limits of your combined intelligence, human potential, and work ethic to create the best possible posts that you can, or are you merely content with creating ok posts that gains a handful of clicks every once in a while?

So, what Are Social Media High Notes?

High notes are the things that you'll always remember. In TV it's very easy to define high notes. It's those moments where you're on the edge of your seat and you're fixated on what's coming up next. Most great TV shows have multiple moments like these, and if you're nerdy enough you can recognize some of these great moments just from a couple of words from a short quote. That's how much these high notes can impact people.

  • Everybody lies.
  • Mr. Worf, Fire.
  • ...that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world's greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.
  • Also? I can kill you with my brain.
  • Stay out of my territory
  • The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
  • Boy, these pretzels are makin' me thirsty.
  • It's a Fake!
  • I may be dead, but I’m still pretty.
  • I'm Getting My Men.

So, what does a collection of quotes from beloved nerdy TV shows have to do with Social Media?

Quick, open up your browser bookmarks. A lot of the links that are probably there that don't directly lead to the homepage of some site you frequently visit are probably good examples of what a social media high note is. Some article or blog post impacted you so much that you wanted to save it to look at it later. Are you capable of creating a great article or funny video? Are you capable of creating some bit of social media content that emotionally impacts people? Are you capable of frequently creating content that encourages genuine shares and likes without having to just flat out buy them? Unless you're the world's most interesting man or world's most talented writer, not everything you post is going to be brilliant. But can you at least sometimes hit those high notes? Having just one brilliant post or article that people link to again and again and that helps make your reputation as a smart contributor to your community is worth spending a lot of time on it.

So what posting strategy should I take?

Posting frequently on a consistent schedule is something that has been talked about extensively before, but there's a potential problem involved. Most of the smaller types of organizations that are seeking various growth hacking strategies don't have huge resources to devote to content-creation and marketing efforts to try and post consistently. Creating great content isn't a 5 minute task that you do while taking a break from your real work, it's something that you ideally need a team of people with lots of resources to accomplish. It takes real time and effort. So how can you consistently post great stuff? One way to increase the quality of your content without increasing the amount of resources you direct there is to reduce the frequency of your posts. Will people forget about your page if you're not posting 20 times a day? Nope, this will not happen if you sometimes post great content. People will look out specifically for your posts and will visit your page more frequently, and that's worth it.

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