Does Your Social Media Have A Call To Action?

An important consideration that you should never forget for your posts.

We've talked extensively about the value of frequently posting awesome content on your Facebook page. This is something that will take your page extremely far on social media and will benefit you tremendously by entertaining users, getting you more shares and likes, and helping you increase your EdgeRank and overall engagement. But once you've done that, it doesn't mean you should rest on your laurels and stop right there. You could have the best and most interesting social media posts in the world, but if there's no call to action in your posts, you'll be missing out on a great opportunity.

Building The Most Effective Site Possible With A Social Call To Action

What's your real goal?

As exciting as getting more likes, comments, and shares is on Facebook, the goal with most businesses is to get people to visit their online/offline stores in order to sell them a product or service. Even with great content, if there's no call to action within at least some of your posts, you'll be missing out on a valuable opportunity to directly guide people to check out your products. A super funny post without a call to action is just something that will cause a user to chuckle and move on. A super funny post with some kind of call to action is something that will inspire an individual to laugh, as well as visit a link you suggest.

How is a good call to action formed?

Pretend for a second that you're managing the social media for an energy drink company. Simply making a status update that says "We're the awesomest. Buy our drink." is a horrible way to approach social media, yet that's about the extent of what many companies do every day. Posting a cool action photo or snapshot of your drink packaging is marginally better, but still often boring and lacks any kind of incentive to take any kind of action. Anybody browsing Facebook or Pinterest sees hundreds of nice looking product photos every day. But maybe a video of you dunking a giant cooler full of your drink on Sarah the intern's head and making a joke about her being paid in drinks and asking people to do the same to their friends might inspire people to take some kind of action. That's just one random idea - can you come up with a better one on the fly?

Main and secondary goals

Not every post you make needs to directly be geared into converting into a sale. If you run a motorcycle company for instance, you're not going to sell an average customer a motorcycle once a week. But you should consider and promote secondary goals as well. Whether it's encouraging people to sign up for an account on your website, entering some contest on your website, sharing some hot picture with their friends, or just keeping your brand fresh in their minds, you should gear your content to some specific goal and craft a call to action that accomplishes that. Sometimes though, your best content should be crafted to get people to check out your website, and encourage them to buy. Facebook is the biggest and most important social network, and the fact that are so many companies out there where you can get more Facebook likes proves this fact, but don't ignore Pinterest and other social networks that often have a much better rate of conversion for people looking to buy products.

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