15 More Awesome Ways To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Ideas and concepts to keep in mind to increase the amount of interaction you gain on your Facebook page.

Recently, 15 Awesome Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook were discussed. Here are another 15 things to consider to get more comments, shares, and interactions on your page and increase your EdgeRank.

More Ideas How You Can Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

16) Fill in the _______ blank

Ever played Mad Libs? It's a lot of fun, right? This post idea is kind of like that. Think up of a question to ask people and put a blank space or spaces where they can put their own term. If you're selling candy, for instance you might ask your fans something like "My favorite way to eat the candy is to _______". All you have to do then is wait for some funny responses to roll in.

17) Share A Famous Quote

Not only can sharing an interesting and relevant quote make you look much more intellectual than you really are, but it can also inspire a lot of likes and comments. Certain historical figures are greatly loved by many people and would usually elicit a reaction. There are many great sources of quotes, either through Google, books you have, or quotes sites, but one interesting source is Reddit's Quotes Porn subreddit.

18) Poll People With Different Social actions

One clever way that brands use the limited social media status update features at their disposal is to create a poll. How can you create a simple poll without that functionality? Ask people to Like the post if you choose Option A, or Share the Post if you choose Option B. The Twitter Equivalent of that is to ask people to Retweet or Favorite a post to decide between two different options.

19) Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren't just for Twitter. You can use them on Facebook to be funny and also drive more search traffic towards your posts. Sometimes a funny hashtag can be the highlight of the post, so be creative.

20) Target Peoples Emotions

Making a post that has a strong emotional element in it can be very effective in driving engagement. Sadness can illicit some responses, as well as anger or fear or other emotions. Upworthy, in particular, is well-known for putting out emotional content that drives a lot of attention to their site.

21) Create a How-To Guide

Are you an expert at something? Of course you are! Show off your expertise by creating a brief how to guide. If you're a restaurant for instance, tell people how to make your world-famous Tiramisu.

22) Make a video

You don't have to have $100,000 in recording equipment and a fully stocked video studio to make a compelling video. An iPhone and some genuine behavior from you might be all you need to create the next viral video, or at least something that gets a decent reaction from your audience. Facebook is placing more and more emphasis on videos within the newsfeed lately, and on their mobile apps, so this is definitely something to strongly consider.

23) Funny Product Shots

Any tee-shirt store can hire a model for a day to pose for a few product shots. But do most tee-shirt stores hire a model to jump in some mud, have a food fight, stand on their head, or do something else zany? Nope. Be creative with your pictures. Do something unique or funny. This can drive a reaction from people as well as ensure that people remember your brand.

24) Answer a question from a customer.

If you provide any type of customer support, you'll likely have a list of frequently asked questions that you often answer. Providing a great answer to a frequently asked question publicly can also show off your great support, expertise, and attention to detail.

25) Comment as your page on other pages

Facebook lets you comment on other people's pages as your own page. There's no reason that you can't drive some attention from somebody else's page with a well-placed comment as your own people.

26) Provide an Insider's Look at Your Company

If you're a restaurant, show off your kitchen and where you make your famous grilled chicken. If you're manufacturing something, take some pictures and show off some behind the scenes photos of your factory floor. Interesting little insights like this into your business are what people don't see every day. People who are interested in you will appreciate that.

27) Ask people for constructive criticism.

One of the best ways to use social media to your advantage is to ask your fans for some constructive criticism about your service or products. Many businesses shy away from anything that might conceivably make them look bad, but many people will appreciate that you want your service to get better and will work with you to give you some ideas on how you can improve.

28) Show some generosity

Showing some generosity to others can help get people on your side. Instead of promoting your self in a post, promote a charitable organization, or one of your existing fans. Doing something nice for somebody else can not only help others, but it can also have a really positive effect on your business.

29) Provide Some Cool Statistics

Did you know that 6% of people that are left-handed and drink milk twice a day can control gravity with their thoughts? Ok, that was made up. But you might be able to come up with some interesting statistics about your business that get peoples' attention.

30) Show off your human side

In any small business, there are many individuals that have their own unique story. Share some pictures and tell people about yourself in an interesting way. It's surprising how often people forget that there are real human beings who are behind any business. Showing off that you have employees who care about their customers and who are real individuals can have a very positive effect.

You can make this happen today

The great thing is that many of these social media tips are very cheap and don't require you to spend any more money. There are many potential ideas for Facebook posts sitting there waiting for you to write them. All you need to do is actually sit down and implement some of these things. Nobody else is going to go out of their way to give your page a boost. You have to sit down and create and drive your own destiny forward. Some of these tips, as well as any other advertising you do, can help you out immensely.

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