15 Awesome Ways To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Ideas and concepts to keep in mind to increase the amount of interaction you gain on your Facebook page.

There are many ways to get more likes on your Facebook page. But how can you also get more activity on your individual status updates, photos, and posts? How can you get more likes on your updates and gain more comments? Here are 15 great ideas, tactics, and concepts you should keep in mind and consider to accomplish just that.

How You can Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

1) Focus on providing value rather than selling

Many small businesses make the mistake of trying to sell themselves in almost every single post they make. They focus on saying how awesome they are at the exclusion of providing something of value to their followers. Make sure that you're giving people something that they want in your posts. If you're consistently making posts that don't provide some value to your fan base, you risk making them annoyed.

2) Understand Your Audience

Using analytics, your own knowledge, or just asking your fans, figure out what kinds of content that your fans want to see and provide that. If you see that pictures are often effective, try and use high quality pictures frequently. If you see that funny comments work well, try and be funny. The people need to see what they want.

3) Ask Questions

Asking questions is a very good way of increasing engagement and interaction with your page. Everybody has an opinion about something, so asking people to share their opinions with you can have a very positive effect. People will be much more likely to comment on your posts if they find the question interesting.

4) Timing

Whether you're using Facebook's default features to schedule your posts, using an app for that, or just manually posting at the right time of day, posting at the proper time can have a very positive effect on your overall level of engagement. If your target audience is teens and young adults for instance, scheduling some posts for when they'll be coming home from class makes more sense than posting while they're in class. On the same token, if your target market is a business community, timing your posts at the right time for that (early morning when people first arrive and grab their coffee could work well) makes a lot of sense.

5) Cool Pictures

The success of Pinterest and Instagram shows that people want to see high quality photos of things that they're interested in. Many small businesses use boring stock imagery or really low quality photos rather than actually good pictures. Practice! Everybody can take creative pictures with a little work. All you really need today to do that is any normal cell phone camera.

6) Contests

Many types of contests can be a good way to drive more attention and interaction to your page. If the prize is compelling enough, a contest can be a rather interesting way to increase your engagement in a very creative way. Many travel sites have had luck with contests that involved asking people to take funny travel photos. You don't necessary need to do that, but you should keep your mind open and consider what creative options exist.

7) Wisdom of the crowds

Try and crowdsource the wittiest caption to a funny photo or ask for the community's help on how to solve a problem. This can be one great way to get lots of people interacting with your page.

8) Facebook Marketing

Whether you're using Facebook ads or you go and buy Facebook likes, any kind of Facebook marketing you're doing should have a very positive effect on not only the number of likes that your page has, but also the level of interaction your page receives.

9) Post Often Enough With Consistency

It's very easy for any small business to get busy with their own normal everyday work and push aside their social media for a few days. Before you know it, a few days becomes a few weeks and people gradually forget about you or start to lose interest. Unless your content is so drastically compelling that people don't care how long it takes you to post (very rare), you should stick to a schedule and make sure that you follow it well. If you don't have any kind of editorial calendar, set yourself up with one.

10) Bigger is kind of better, to a point

Simplicity works. You don't want to frequently write down a 3 word status update on Facebook. But writing a novella for each post might be off-putting to a lot of people. Keeping social media posts in the general around the length of Twitter posts (140 characters) seems to be a winning strategy.

11) Guide Your Fans and Tell Them What To Do

Sometimes it helps just to tell people what they should do. Don't do it in a pushy or demanding way, but tell them how they can share your posts with their friends. You won't know if this will work or not until you try it.

12) Stay on Topic

You might have some very strong feelings on the latest dumb things that Obama or some other politician has done recently. Or you might have to feel the need to voice your opinion about some new Nintendo move that's driven you up the wall. That's all well and good if you run a political blog or a video game blog, respectively. But if you run a restaurant or some other local business, going off topic too frequently can start to annoy people. People who follow your page are doing so because they have a specific interest. If you go off topic too often, they can start to tune you out, block your posts, or even unlike your page. There's a difference between showing a human side and becoming just a little too annoying with your opinions.

13) Post Different Types of Content.

If you're always posting questions, that could become annoying. If you're always posting links, it looks like you're always just regurgitating other peoples' content. If you're always asking questions, it looks like you'll never have an opinion of your own. Mix up the type of content that you post. Some things will work better for you than others, and you should use those things more frequently, but only to a point.

14) Mention Relevant Current Events

You're a human, not a robot. You watch the news and follow some current events sometimes. You might go to see some new movies that are released or watch some new TV shows. If there's a way to make a comment about some current event that's relevant to your own business, do it. If the World Cup is going on and you have some employees who are big fans of certain teams because of their nationalities, post a funny comment about that. As long as you don't stray too far off topic too often, this can be very effective.

15) Give a shout out to your customers

People love getting some attention. Do you run some kind of software as a service? Feature a small case study or make a brief post about the success that a customer has with your product. Or do a small giveaway like a "Fan of the Month" or "Fan of the Week" type of post. Just showing some interest in your customers can go a very long way for you.

Get out there and make it happen!

Those are all some excellent tactics and things to keep in mind when crafting your social media marketing strategy. These are all things you can start implementing today and they will help drive engagement. There are no excuses for not trying because you are in control of your own page. 15 More Awesome Ways To Increase Engagement On Facebook, which is the second half of this blog series, is now available..

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