10 Ways To Get Even More Real Facebook Likes

Things you can do to improve your Facebook page and get even more engagement and growth for your page.

Every company in the world wants to get more real Facebook likes so many brands out there opt for the shortcut of buying them. There's nothing wrong with this, and truth be told this can be an extremely effective marketing strategy if used the right way at the right time. But even without purchasing them, you can get a lot of real and genuine likes on your page simply by following some common sense rules and best practices and putting some effort into your social media presence.

Proven ways that can help you improve your page.

1) Make Your Facebook Page Look Better And More Professional

Everybody knows that lame looking pages suck, but so many pages still look and feel incomplete and unprofessional. A lot of small businesses setup a Facebook page and then essentially forget to try and improve it or add vital contact information, which is one of the things that happens incredibly frequently that harms pages. Facebook gives you a lot of tools to make your fanpage look and work better for users and you'd have to be crazy to not take advantage of that. Among other things, this means looking at just some of the following ways to improve your page design and user-experience for your visitors.

  • Setup Your Vanity URL - Make Your Facebook URL shorter and unique and consistent with your brand among your different social media properties. This looks much nicer and is more professional.
  • Create An Awesome Photo Cover Design - A picture tells 1,000 words and is one of the best ways to tell a story, emotionally impact visitors, and set a mood for page visitors. A little effort put into your Photo Cover can go a very long way. You may want to consider asking your designer to do this, if you have one, but there are plenty of free tools that can help you design your page cover.
  • Complete Your Facebook Page - Fill in all of the fields that Facebook gives you. Add your contact info, phone number, email address, other social media links, etc. It's amazing how some businesses essentially make it impossible to figure out how to simply send them an email. Not only does this benefit you on search engines, but it assures your potential customers who want to know that you're just a phone call away.
  • Don't limit yourself - There are plenty of easy ways to make your page just a little bit better every day and Facebook is constantly adding new tools and features that can help you do this. You should make it a goal to try and do something new and positive for your page every single day and this is a big part of that.

2) Tell An Amazing Story

Good stories can be incredibly addictive. That's why we spend such a large amount of our times playing video games, watching movies, listening to the same song over and over again, staring at paintings in museums, and spending hours in front of books. Does your business have any stories that you can tell? Interesting stories that emotionally impact people can lead to viral growth and really help boost engagement far beyond what you're currently experiencing. You don't need to write the next War and Peace, you just need to create some emotional impact and get people mentally invested in what you have to say. Some ideas that you should consider talking about include the following.

  • How was your business created
  • How is your product or service impacting your customers lives? Case studies are often interesting for people to read
  • What are some ways that your employees have enriched the lives of your customers
  • What are some of the current challenges you face and how are you solving them?
  • What events in your life motivate you to push yourself so hard for the benefit of your customers? What is your personal cause and the reason
  • for your company's existence?

3) Link your social media pages together

This is so simple, but some people forget to do this! Some people might want to follow your business on Twitter rather than Facebook. Make it easy for them. Some people are really active on Pinterest and prefer following pictures you post rather than your Facebook feed which might include links and other content. Some people might find you on Instagram from a photo that somebody else has posted and then want to follow you on Facebook. Make sure that these visitors can easily find all of your social networking options. Create links from your pages to all of your other pages and make sure to post them in the right location. And try not to post the same content everywhere, but tailor your posts to each specific platform and give your visitors an incentive for them to follow you on multiple platforms. Then test your links and make sure everything is working. This is such a simple task, but many people flat out forget to do this.

4) Do some real world marketing

Even though the Internet is a great tool, you shouldn't forget about the real world that you inhabit. There are ways to bring the virtual world closer to the real world.

  • Add your Facebook page address to your local marketing flyers and free t-shirts that you give out at events.
  • Add your Facebook page to your business cards.
  • Find some great "Like Us On Facebook" Stickers in your storefront window
  • Think about all of the paperwork and receipts and other things that you give your customers. Isn't there a way to write your social media address on there?

Get your creative juices flowing and don't miss out on an opportunity to promote your brand in a classy way and nothing will be able to stop you in the long run.

5) Import Your Email Contacts

If you have a legitimately acquired email list through your existing website, opt-in newsletters, ecommerce site, or other legitimate means, you can use that to help grow your Facebook page. Connect your Email account to your Facebook page or just upload a list. You should be able to access this by clicking on your page as the admin and clicking on the 3 dots and then the Import Contacts button. You may need to change your business category to local business to do this, but this can be an awesome way to get people that have already demonstrated some interest in your work to follow you if they haven't already done so.

6) Point people on your website to your Facebook page

Cross promotions are important and really valuable. People visiting your site won't necessarily think to subscribe to your Facebook page if they don't know about it. Add A Facebook Like Box on your site to show off your fans and how popular you are. Change your site theme to have a prominent link to your Facebook page below your articles or in your footer. This is where your web designer can get really creative and use this as a way to really benefit your business.

7) Invite Your Friends

Not only is this a way to grow your page, it's also a way to find out who your real friends are! Yes, most people are kind of jaded by all of the constant requests from friends and family and even random requests in their Newsfeed to like their pages. But simply telling people about it and asking for their support is a way to get at least a handful of initial likes when you're first starting out. Having some kind of social proof is important because nobody wants to like or check out a page that has very few followers. This initial time period after first setting up your Facebook page is when buying likes can have a very positive multiplier effect on your conversion rate.

8) Add A Call To Action On Your Posts

To be clear, you shouldn't merely self-promote and then beg people for likes. That's one of the easiest ways to actually lose some of your hard-earned social media fans. However, a strong call to action within your posts can help you gain more shares, site visitors, and encourage purchases and other desirable site actions. Ask people to comment if they passionately disagree with you about something. Or tell people that there's something funny hidden on your website URL and that they should try and find it. Whatever the challenge or suggestion you give, you can provide a great experience for your valued guests.

9) Engage with Other Facebook Pages

Get active On Facebook and start posting on other pages as your own page. If you're a musician, you should like other music artists pages and comment and compliment them on some of their posts. Write in some thought-provoking content on somebody's wall that's intelligent and not mindless self-promotion and more people will have a better opinion of you and want to check out your page.

10) Really Engage With Your Fans

Most brands ignore the majority of their brand mentions and offhand comments on their blogs. A little personal note from the owner of a business or the business page itself thanking somebody for their comment or even agreeing with some constructive criticism can impress the hell out of people because most businesses will never take the time to do that and will ignore problems rather than address them. Being approachable and having a good attitude can go a long way towards not only building brand ambassadors, but also improving your reputation tremendously.

Don't forget that this doesn't happen overnight

Stick to it! It takes time to build a thriving online community and to implement some of these changes. But if you take the time to do one solid task every day and start to get in the habit of interacting with people, you'll be successful much quicker than you would otherwise be. This benefits your business, gives you a better social media presence, and makes life more fun and enjoyable as well.

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